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Navigation , medicine and community,

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Its all zero internet except when you request to send email. It has no virus as made in app inventor. Press how 2 use to hear audio in every sub app after pressing app selection. Just press violet appSelection for the menu and back button to go to reorient and dash. Everything works even in airplane mode and to send a message in community hero or fun phone or SMS alert you need a connection. Please read book . It takes 50 hrs to learn to use each of the sub app. There are 20 for every field in science and technology. Choose your field and study. You wanna become a DOC and not at Dr. do all 20 for 1000hrs or 1 year. I wrote the smartphone calculator as I call it. Its a Knight's/paramedic's app, others can develop too.

Math1.pdf 2 Mb


Doc1dotHr 80 M https://drive.google.com/file/d/12-yRD-3h9-uSVSCXwDx_WzfuKd0x-kkM/view?usp=sharing

Find the rainbow or calculate green's function based grass. Go to stanford to calculate the olive based on the black hole theory which s there in mathematica.

Inspired by Caltech executed in MIT app inventor with inspiration when I attended the orientation there, done partly at IISc and at my enterprise to start the star trek and at home my friends are building a smart phone oven to a fist of sand and water in an oven and out it comes.

It has some basic navigation apps and some community apps to keep track of favours and a strange memory app. Please click on appsselection in violet where 20 sub apps are in one like non invasive medical level calculator, shadow locate , navigation etc. Please rate if too and give feedback on play store.

0. Triangle travel : Trianglulation travel for the horse rider or the plane.

1. Noninvasive medicine blood level test based on weight and half-life. Daily drinking, whats the Bac ?

2. Shadow locate to find your child or a lost person or yourSelf.

3. Sun flower tells where sun is to Cure depression. 15 times 24 hour format from 6 am relative to 9 am.

4. Approximately finding Schedule H1 problems with mathematics of eye contact and speech for lie detection and then using the medical noninvasive app #1 to dose correctly.

5. Community hero to develop
(can be used for NGOs and for running the nation like age of empires or mythology with solar cellphones with the other option to take photo with locationtell if you are growing a farm, rearing sheep )

6. Acceleration G to find g experimentally, if put in vacuum we may find Gwaves with data collection.

7. CMBR to the extent of total energy.

8. Fun phone for shake and speak and call your best friends when they are available.

9. Fundh for best memory app.

10. Hhcomix

11. Homing compass for 2d for foot travel and for off roading

12. Massage tracking

13. Milkman to distribute milk or newspaper

14. Peopleba does balance matter and nsrp matters. Use it to go cashless without internet and to keep track of snubs and praises etc and add capacitance to allowed behaviour.

15. Sms alert if you fall down.

Made while travelling the world, my Mit app inventor thesis on my end we spent electricity at tata institute and homes and gratitude from their end.????. Please keep commenting. Credits too to sundial winnet lounge at Caltech and F.

The red and blue for shadow locate has an approximation to sqrt a2 + b2 < a+b maybe giving a breather with better results, considering compass angle if there too. Will update HHapps and leave the rigorous theory proved app with approximations to HNav, 15

Schedule H calibrator and lie detector coming, 16 Maybe scheduling, knowing friends.

Think Kelvin sell once,

for zero cotton growth , paperless education, negative interest, dividend and tax and best consumption.
This is a result of 10k hrs or 2.81 years of work as a post doc in MIT app inventor. Please don't transfer APK, E highher
Publish Date: November 13, 2018
Latest Version: 4.6
Get it on: Get HHapps on Google Play
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Installs: 10+
Offered By: Hari$h
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