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Advancement of ideas and technology in agriculture is now growing rapidly. Hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics are examples of agricultural developments. Reduced farming land is one of the reasons for the use of such methods. The definition of hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics is still not known to many people even among farmers though.

The workings of hydroponics are: We will dissolve a variety of nutrients containing various elements of ordinary mineral nutrients plants can from the soil into the water to be used as a medium farming. The water will be streamed to other media, such as: sand, broken bricks, charcoal husk, sponge, gravel, and so forth. The most important in the selection of media is the media does not contain toxic substances for plants and can deliver water, oxygen, and other nutrients to the plant.

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Hydroponics is one way of doing agricultural activities that use water media as a substitute for soil. Hydroponics derived from the Latin: hydro and phonos. Hydro means water, while phonos means work. In a simple sense, hydroponics means working water. Yet it is scientifically and more complex related to planting fit.

Aeroponics is the result of modification of hydroponics. Aeroponics is derived from aero and phonos. Aero means air. It is the air that distinguishes between aeroponics and hydroponics. Aeroponic methods require only water and do not require the help of other media such as sand and gravel. Thus, plant roots using aeroponic methods are allowed to hang in the air.

Aquaponic is a farming method that allows farmers not only to produce crops, but can also raise fish. This one method combines hydroponic method with aquaculture method. Aquaponik fairly efficient because farmers can produce fish and plants simultaneously. Between fish and plants mutually beneficial to each other.
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