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Complete hydroponics design ideas and best

The description of Hydroponics Design Ideas

This application presents a design idea or ideas hydroponics plant cultivated by using water without the use of soil with emphasis on meeting the needs of nutrients for plants.

There were six planting techniques that you can use in hydroponic gardening. The sixth of these techniques have their advantages and disadvantages of each. To choose the technique that suits your interest, here is an explanation of the sixth hydroponic gardening techniques.

Wick System

Wick system is the simplest technique popularly used by beginners. The system includes a passive and nutrients to flow into the growth medium of the container using a type of wick. Wick hydroponic system works well for small plants and herbs. The hydroponic system does not work well for plants that need a lot of water.

Ebb & Flow System

A growing medium is placed in a container which is then filled with the nutrient solution. Then the nutrients are returned to the shelter, and so on. These systems require a pump connected to a timer. Make sure you use a large enough container and set the distance between the plant to plant growth are not mutually interfere.

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System

This system is the most popular in terms of hydroponics. The concept is simple by placing the plant in a container or tube where the roots are left hanging in the nutrient solution. This system can continuously stream of nutrients dissolved in water so that it does not require the timer to the pump. NFT is compatible to the type of leafy plants such as lettuce.

aeroponic System

The sophistication of this system allows you to obtain good results and the fastest compared to other hydroponic systems. It is caused by a nutrient solution comes in the form mist directly into the roots, making the plants more easily absorb the nutrients it contains a lot of oxygen.

Drip System

In addition to a wick system, the system drops (drip system) is a popular way used in hydroponic gardening. The system uses a timer to control the pump, so that when the pump is turned on, the pump will shed nutrients to each plant.

Water Culture System

In this hydroponic system, the roots of plants are suspended in nutrient-rich water and the air is supplied directly to the roots. Plants can be placed on a raft and float in the water of nutrients as well. With this hydroponic system, the plant roots submerged in water and air supplied to the plant roots through the aquarium pump and air diffuser. The more bubbles the better, the plant roots will grow quickly to pick up water nutrients.

Hopefully the idea of ​​hydroponics in existing designs in these applications can be helpful and useful, thank you.
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