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Tips on choosing sandals

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Before buying sandals it would be nice to understand how to choose sandals according to the shape of the foot. Here's how to choose sandals in accordance with the shape of the foot:
1. The shape of slender legs
For the slim and small legs is perfect if using gladiator model sandals. This sandal has a rope that will coil in the leg so that the foot will look beautiful. Not only women, men are also good when using this model of sandals. Besides convenient to use these sandals are also fashionable.
2. Shape the foot with a large wrist
How to choose sandals according to the shape of the foot with a large wrist is quite difficult. Therefore it takes a trick to be able to choose sandals with a foot shape with a large wrist that is suitable when used. If wrong in the use of sandals model then the foot will look fat. One model of sandals that fits perfectly with the shape of this leg is a strapy heels model.
This sandal shaped model is a sandal with a combination of rope on it. Other models such as sandals ankle strap model is a sandal that has a strap on the ankle.
3. Short leg shape
choose a sandal with mono color like a neutral brown color. Brown color on sandals will disguise foot size.
4. Shape legs with large calves
Sandal models that are suitable for use by people who have large calves are using strap sandals. With the existing accessories on the sandals like the lines of the rope in the sandals will make the legs more sexy and slender.
5. Shape legs with wide legs
the fingers will look a bit peep so it will give the impression slim on the foot.
Have a leg with a wide shape try not to choose sandals that are flexible. Slender sandals following the shape of the foot will make the legs look clear and can not cover the width of the foot. Also do not use slippers with size fitting because the back leg will be sore pinched.
6. Fat foot shape
If you have a fat foot shape, how to choose sandals in accordance with the shape of the foot better to use sandals with high heels. Right with size 3 cm to 5 cm will make the foot higher and also slim. But use the right with the right flat, do not use right pointed because at the time of running will make uncomfortable.
7. Large tall foot shape
have high legs and large will be suitable if the use of comfortable sandals are used. Due to other functions of footwear, sandals are also used for body support. Therefore if the sandals are used uncomfortable will cause errors in running.
8. Small tall foot shape
Having a small foot shape like a model is very easy to find sandals. This professional foot shape can use sandals with any model. It's nice to have this foot shape. Used sandals can be entitled to high or without rights, but also can choose sandals that are small in the shape of the foot.
How to choose sandals in accordance with the shape of the foot above can be a recommendation for those who want to buy sandals. It is worth understanding in choosing sandals in order to look professional and fit when sandals are used.
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