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For the sake of sleeping comfort, pillows and bolsters used to be a must-have in the bedroom. Types of pillows vary, usually distinguished by fillers and shapes. The most common pillow fillers are kapok, foam, dakron, goose feather or latex. Each type of pillow filler has its own characteristics and has an effect on health.
1. Kapok
Pillow fillers that have been known for a long time, but are rarely used now. Derived from the kapok tree, this filler material is white and feels slippery when held. The disadvantage is that cotton is a favorite spot for mites and is also easily dusted, so it can interfere with health. One to reduce this impact, the pillow should often be dried. For people with asthma, kapok can be one of the triggers of asthma, so it is not suitable for them.
2. Foam
This cushioning material is like a sponge and is a synthetic material used known as a pillow filler after kapok. One disadvantage is it feels hot when used.
3. Memory Foam
Made from similar foam material called Polyurethane. Pillows with memory foam fillers take some time to get back to their original shape. This material absorbs sweat so comfortable when used.
4. Dakron
Dakron is made of plastic fibers with a very fine size. When used as a pillow filler, the dacron is filled in 2 ways ie by folded or clumped. Pillow filled with dakron folded, pillow surface will feel smooth when touched, this is a pillow with dakron content of good quality. Meanwhile, if filled with a coagulated, uneven surface so the quality is not good. The heavier pillow dakron will be better because over time the dacron pill will be deflated.
5. Goose Hair
Kingdoms in continental Europe have been using goose down as a pillow filler since ancient times. The downside of goose hair is often a dust mite and dwelling so it is not suitable for you who suffer from allergies. The advantage is its softness. The more fluffy the goose is used, the better the quality. Conversely, if the outer goose feathers are more widely used, the pillow becomes less good because it feels rough. Goose down feather pillows are sold at a fairly expensive price.
6. Latex
Latex is made from rubber latex. There are 2 types of latex, natural latex more than 80% made of rubber latex and synthetic latex that is more than 80% made of synthetic materials. The surface of the latex pillow is harder than the dakron pillow and flat. Latex pillow is suitable for people who have problems with the bones of the neck and spine. Latex is also free from mites so it is suitable for commonly suffering from allergies.
It felt asleep to be uncomfortable if not using a pillow. In addition to comfort, it is important to choose a healthy pillow. Because one choose a pillow, can cause stiffness so instead of feeling fresh after waking up, otherwise neck pain. Yes, a pillow can be a loyal friend while sleeping.
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