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The description of Popper Designs by idak

Popper is an artificial feed made from fiber or wood base material which generally have shape and type with a variety. The main feature of the wide mouth section with the inward basin. Popper mouth condition like this which can then cause action in the form of a typical water spray used in a way jerked on the surface of the water.

Popper is an artificial bait used for popping, there are various forms such as bottles, bananas, and even some like fish bait (Bait Fish). The basic ingredients of popper making are generally wood, but not all wood species can be used to make a popper. Wood selection will affect the performance of the popper to be produced. Softer and lighter woods such as pine, fir and others, will make the popper faster and tend to float. The use of hard wood will be more difficult in the process of making it, but will produce a better poppers and certainly more powerful.

Popper there are 2 types, namely:
1. Chugger, this popper can be seen from the shape of his big mouth, like a bowl or bowl. When played this popper will sound like "Pop..pop..pop" and splash the big water. This type of chugger popper is mostly a favorite of mania popping because of the action and sound. Chugger is good for use in flat water conditions, the splash can look good, but this popper is a bit heavy when played because its mouth is like a cup hold back water forward.
2. Swimmer, this popper can be seen from the shape of his mouth is small, and generally flat. "Swimmer" from his name we can conclude this bait swim like "swimmers" a lot of actionnya there are right left-right, zig zag, there is a head-nod (bottom of the bottom) there is also a straight aja when pulled like Topedo. (Depending on the shape of the popper and how to play it). Swimmer is great for teasing GT, this popper is well used in choppy water conditions, where the water condition is erratic, choppy.
Publish Date: August 7, 2018
Latest Version: 1.2
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