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Tips for drawing for beginners

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1. sensitive to small deficiencies.
we must be able to build a better progress every time you create your new masterpiece. check your work that you have done some time ago, and look with the eyes of the jelly then realize its the slightest deficiency. we need a mistake to learn.
when you realize many mistakes in your previous work, do not try to fix them all at once. focus on one and most importantly "enjoy the drawing".
2. Adequate lighting.
if you are a drawing with your right hand, then the light must come from the left so that the shadow does not fall on the paper in front of your pencil and block the process of drawing you.
when drawing we should be in a place with enough light, no less and no exaggeration. of course if in a dark place will be uncomfortable, and you need to know if exposed to the excessive light of the pencil you have scratched will look shiny, and you will be more difficult to distinguish the gradation or value of your pencil during the drawing process.
3. pay attention to cleanliness.
at the time of drawing, you should protect your hands touching the paper with a tissue or other paper. it aims to keep your hand from contaminating the paper. does not mean after you wash your hands, your hands will not dirty the paper. but the cause is the oil or sweat that comes out of the skin of your hand that can dirty the paper. besides that if you draw with the right hand start drawing from the left.
4. always sharpen your pencil.
paper actually has a jagged and uneven surface. if you sharpen with a pencil that is not pointed, the result will be uneven. a dull pencil can not evenly touch a piece of paper that looks like a toothed shape.
5. too afraid to draw black.
often while giving shading, the shadows drawn are not so dark. if you are too afraid to give a dark color, it will limit the range value in your image of course the result will not be so realistic and will unknowingly limit the deepening of modeling in the image.
6. The outline is not a thick dividing line.
before shading you guys make outline first right ?! you need to remember that the outline for a realistic image is not a thick dividing line, but the outline is generated from the difference in value.
you may give a thick outline, but the resulting image will be more to the cartoon is not realistic.
7. create value
do not impose varying values ​​with just one pencil. let alone make a dark value with a pencil h, hb, 2b. because if we press the pencil or thicken the hatching to make the value dark, it's not the right way it will only damage the layers of paper.
8. shading and highlights.
actual highlights are not always white. like the whites of the eyes and on the teeth it is rather gray. and to make the highlight look brighter make shading around it darker.
9. Protector of your work
fixative spray can protect your work, make it durable and reduce glare.
10. patience is at stake.
when drawing patience is very important, if indeed you want good results. if you are in a hurry the results will be seen in your work. do not want to immediately complete all the parts, but finish well starting from the small part.
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