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Body piercing is an art that makes the latest trends among the younger generation and people in the fashion world. Ear piercing adds a unique style statement to women and even men who make trends begin. One of the most popular piercing designs of women is ear piercing. You can choose from a wide ear piercing design that suits your needs.
1. Orbital Piercing
The orbital piercings are very similar to industry piercings unless the jewelry does not connect the hole horizontally but from the front. Usually, a circle or heart-shaped ring is used to beautify the part of your ear that is quite beautiful. Looks very pretty with the perfect combination of spark and petite.
2. Anti-tragus Piercing
Just as comfortable is a helix, anti-tragus is tragus. This is done in the same way as tragus. However, anti-tragus is not so vulnerable to stretching and irritation. The slim ring looks fine with this unusual piercing.
3. Daith Piercing
This piercing has a ring that passes through the deepest inner cartilage of the ear. This piercing may seem horrendous but when you start a business, you will realize that it is not as painful as it looks. It looks very similar to tragus because of its position. However, the complications and naughty irritations that accompany the tragus are completely divorced from daith. This is a pretty easy piercing when compared to his cranky cousin.
4. Graduate Lobe Piercing
This one is an absolute die-for! You need three or more earrings with the same design but different in size. This type of piercing is a combination of three or more piercings performed on the lobe at certain intervals of each other. You can use pretty circles or flickering gems for the same. This type of piercing has the power to make you the center of attraction even in the most crowded places.
5. Transverse Lobe Piercing
Transverse piercing lobes are usually done with barbells. The sleeve is punctured horizontally at an angle and a piece of jewelry is passed through the perforation, which makes eye piercing directly impenetrable. You can choose any angle you want, but remember the size of your footage and jewelry pieces to use. Despite the fact that the lobe piercing tends to heal faster, this one takes a relatively longer time for the same time. This requires proper cleaning with saline solution at least twice a day.
6. Forward Helix Piercing
Your helix is ​​stabbed in three places at regular intervals. Three rings or studs of the pass are then inserted into the puncture junction. It's more painful than his fellow lobes. It takes a lot of time to heal and return to normal. A quick way to help the healing process is by fermenting the hot salt.
7. Ear Weaving Piercing
The most puzzling piercings of all are worth rescuing for the top spot. As the name implies, it consists of a number of piercings connected to each other with the help of a piece of jewelry. These pieces of jewelry are generally spiral-shaped. It's not just the piercings location, which is generally helix, which makes it more funny but a form of jewelry that adds fascinating charm to the piercing. It is quite painful but very feasible intentional.
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