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Some plants are often grown hydroponically

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Below are some advantages and reasons to strengthen your motivation to learn how to grow plants with hydroponics, among others:

Hydroponics is proven efficient than conventional planting on the land because they do not have to pour water on a daily basis because nutrient solution / media mineral solution used has been deposited in the container is used, so we just controlling it.
Hydroponics can maximize limited land because it does not require a lot of land, even the media, plants can be made in stages
Hydroponics is proven environmentally friendly because it does not use pesticides or insecticides that can damage the soil, using water only 1/20 of ordinary plants, and reduce CO2 because it does not need to use a vehicle or machine.
Hydroponic plants do not damage the soil because it does not use soil media and also do not need a large place.
Results hydroponic plants can be eaten whole, including the roots for free from dirt and pests
Could examine the roots of plants with a clear periodically to control growth
Faster plant growth and quality of crops can be controlled
To grow hydroponic not necessary depending on the season, because it can be planted at any time in accordance with our planning.
Hydroponic planting can reduce / conserve the use of fertilizers.
Hydroponics does not need a lot of energy to do it
The environment in which hydroponics farming tends to be cleaner than on the ground.
Hydroponic plants rarely have problems with pests and plant diseases caused by bacteria, worms and nematode worms that are widely available in the soil
Land for growing a hydroponic more flexible, can be planted anywhere like in the house or in the yard already is paved.

Some plants are often grown hydroponically, are green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, capsicum, tomato, bathtub choy, broccoli, cabbage, kailan, kale, onions, strowbery, and others. Hydroponic plants above are often the primary choice for vegetarians are very concerned about food manufacturing process, if there are chemical elements in it, whether there is the killing of animals, is also related to environmental conservation and afforestation.

Hydroponics Plant Care
When the plant grows increasingly enlarged, nutritional needs are also getting bigger. Therefore least once a week nutrient solution must be added. If in the initial mixture of nutrients is; 5ml + 5ml + 1 lt. The second week raised it to 6ml + 6ml + 1lt. and so on until the plant is ready for harvest.

Do not allow the nutrient solution in the bottom of the bottle is empty because it will cause the plants to die of drought. Bottle containing a nutrient solution is prone to moss due to sun exposure. Therefore, if you want, seal the bottle bottom with a dark colored paper. Or paint with black. But, since I use the bottles are unlined, usually at the turn of nutrition, I clean the moss clinging to clean again.

Alternatives to the use of mineral water bottles, in fact we can also use a bowl or other plastics. Points / media put rockwool containing plants could use small pots or used glasses of mineral water hollowed lower end and fitted with a wick / flannel. To close the basin / plastic container can use styrofoam perforated so that the pots will hang and not touch the water. in this way, we can put some potted plants at once.
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