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Be Happy! Play, Relax, Dream, Live! Innovative Game + App for You!

The description of SUPER Happy Style

Receive Warm Words! Dream on! Win! Play! Discover the unknown!

Happy Style combines an everyday app, a relaxing and energetic game, as well as something completely special, forming a new genre called "Werewolf".

★ On the one hand, Happy Style is an application for raising your mood, ready to please you with a warm word, inspire with a wise quote and remind of your dreams and victories.
(Remember - you are the Best. You can achieve anything!)

★ But also Happy Style is a unique game with a relaxing and exciting gameplay that uses your kind words, dreams, achievements, wisdoms and even… complete nonsense.

★ There is another layer. The way to it is through _HACKING Happy Style in search of the Eternity Administrator's Room lost in time…

The gameplay is based on relaxing finger movements on the touch screen.

The idea arose as a result of a small observation: in nervous moments, people often try to get distracted by something, to find aimless work for their hands. For example, turn pages on the phone screen. This helps to overcome stress a little.

One half of the levels is designed to relieve stress and improve mood. Just move your finger across the screen and get warm words, inspirational quotes and reminders of your dreams and achievements!

Other levels - Severe Arcade Challenges. The path to victory in them is through dexterity and ingenuity in the fight against the mysterious FoodMemes who decided to seize the Yummy Federation.

Making your way through the campaign, you will discover an amazing story - completely alien and at the same time Your Story.

And in the game there are a lot of different fruits and their lovers - Incredible FoodMemes.

☑ The complete lack of ads
☑ A set of two additional design themes: Glance and Rocket
☑ Three additional playable characters (Extra Cool Cat and two FoodMemes: AmHrumNyam and HrumNyamAm)
☑ A set of four special game cursors

Key Features of Happy Style:
☑ Three in one: a mood-enhancing and motivational app, a cheerful game and something special… in the new genre called "Werewolf"!
☑ Happy Style will please you with a warm word…
☑ Remind you of your dreams and victories
☑ Throw up a dose of motivation and inspiration with a wise quote
☑ Help you relax in a stressful situation on the levels for rest
☑ Will challenge you on difficult levels combining fast and fun gameplay with creative puzzle elements
☑ An awesome story campaign awaits you…
☑ 45 cool gaming abilities and combos
☑ More than 25 story levels
☑ 7 additional Hardcore levels
☑ Arcade mode with great replay value
☑ Level editor for Relax levels - customize everything for yourself!
☑ Colorful graphics optimized for tablets and smartphones
☑ An incredible adventure in search of the unknown
☑ A game that you need to _:HACK!

Be happy!
Have a nice day!
Have a nice game!

LIKE THE GAME? HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact! Happy Style...
* Website (ENG): revoplay-universe.blogspot.com
* VK (RUS): vk.com/revoplay_universe
* E-mail: [email protected]

★ More about "Werewolf": this is a new genre, the essence of which is the total transformation of a seemingly ordinary game into something completely unexpected with a different meaning and gameplay relative to the original concept.

It's not about a simple unexpected plot twist at the end or the appearance of unpredictable mechanics, but about a total transformation, both in terms of story and gameplay.

In Happy Style, the secret part goes side by side with hacking and sheds light on… further details will certainly become a very healthy spoiler, as, incidentally, even the description of the genre has already become.

Without the “Werewolf”, Happy Style still remains a full-fledged cheerful game, as well as a daily app to improve your mood!

This is a multi-layer program, where you can always, hopefully, find something of your own, close to your heart!
Category: Free Arcade Game
Publish Date: June 21, 2020
Latest Version: 1.05
Get it on: Get SUPER Happy Style on Apkgk.com
Requirements: Android 6.0 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Installs: 1,000+
Offered By: RevoPlay Universe
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