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Awaken The Hidden Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

The description of Mind Programmer Pro

Mind Programmer is an ultimate solution,combines the power of key mind technology sounds and subliminal hacks which tunes and reprograms your mind to build positive beliefs & breaks down negative blocks thus produces breakthrough results such as drastic improvement in Personality Development, accelerate Study & Learning,cure Insomnia,build sharp Focus,minimize Stress levels, induce Relaxation,gain Will Power,Improve Speed Reading and much more.

How Is All This Possible?

Our Subconscious mind is much more powerful than our conscious mind, It's the Subconscious mind which regulates the heart beat 72 per minute up to 100 years, it even stores info that you are not consciously aware like a witness to an accident could not tell the plate license no. of car but under hypnosis(helps reach the subconscious) he gives correct no. but subconscious mind is not under our conscious control.It functions on the basis of information stored in it. This is the basis of mind programming means that if we can put information in a person’s subconscious mind, then we can modify that person’s behavior.The fundamental difficulty is the conscious mind, which does not let us put information in the subconscious mind. Actually the conscious mind analyses the information, and discards all that it considers false or non-useful. For example, someone who is not confident, says to himself “I am confident”. The conscious mind analyses this sentence and decides that this sentence is false. And it does not put this information into the subconscious mind that is when Mind Programmer Comes into the Play.

MP includes the following features :

✅Subliminal Flasher

✅MP Booster

✅Binaural Tuner

➡ Subliminal Flasher utilizes your device screen to flash positive text messages with a frequency below conscious mind level which makes it easy to pass them directly in subconscious mind to break negative beliefs and attain positivity.Subliminal flasher contains dozen of ready-made messages which you can directly copy via single click and add them to your existing list apart from the custom messages.The beautiful part is you can continue work on your device likewise and subliminal flasher will continue its job.You can also customize it by changing text color,frequency,duration,transparency and background mask according to your taste.

➡ MP Booster combines the power of mind technologies & brainwave entertainment sessions like Brainwave Sync Tonal Matrix, Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions ,Isochronic beats plus vocal suggestions, natural and Bilateral sounds to immediately produce measurable relaxation while building positive, powerful, & empowering beliefs that produce dramatic breakthrough results for you.Each Audio program is designed with different approach according to the subject.

➡ Brainwave Tuner contains pure Binaural Beats mixed with Bilateral sounds to stimulate your brain at a specific frequency.To understand how it uses sound frequencies,consider this: if you play sound of 500hz in one ear and 510hz in the other ear,the brain hears the sound of frequency that is the difference of two frequencies that is 10hz.This sound is called binaural beat and it does not actually exist in the environment around us but it is only in the mind, when this happens researchers are able to measure increased levels of bilateral synchronized brainwave activity at the frequency of the binaural beat. Brainwave clones like Alpha,Beta,Delta and Gamma with Bilateral sounds stimulates our brainwaves to sync with these audible wave-forms to achieve desired state.

In Lower Android versions like Kitkat and Lollipop, the permission which is required for app to work is not automatically shown (not app fault BTW ), You manually have to grant this (Display Over Other Apps) permission in settings to this app otherwise it will force close.

NOTE: Please go through FAQs before using MP first time.

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Publish Date: July 31, 2020
Latest Version: 4.0
Get it on: Get Mind Programmer Pro on Apkgk.com
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Installs: 100+
Offered By: Soundsoft Lab
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