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Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D

MC Games Studio

Say Hello to Sponge Bob's neighbor Squidward! Supports 7 Languages! Enjoy it!

The description of Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D

Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D is a game about Sponge Bob who meet his Neighbor Squidward in his sponge neighborhood! You want to find out information and secrets of your neighbor whose name is Squidward!
This game Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D will answer on these questions: How often do you say Hello to your sponge neighbor? How many things do You know about your sponge Neighbor? All you know is that, he is Squidward and he is very rich and angry. You need to explore your neighbor's house without getting caught and find out his secrets.
A few days ago you've come to a new place to live. And you saw that your Neighbor is Squidward! You wanted to say "Hello Squidward!" to him and come to his house. Your Neighbor Squidward was suspicious! He was hiding in his garage. You've shouted Hello Squidward , it's Sponge Bob! But he didn't answer. You became very angry and decided to come later and say hello another time.

At first, you have to enter into his house after finding the main entrance of the neighbor's, and then perform various missions including stealing keys and screwing his home stuff.
Neighbors like Sponge Bob's neighbor Squidward can sometimes create problems more seriously than noise at the wrong time of the day. The main character in this interactive Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D game is yourself,Sponge Bob. In this game you have to face exactly with such an unusual neighbor Squidward, whose home is fraught with ice-cold things. Get into the neighbor's house unnoticed! And try to figure out an information about your Neighbor Squidward! Your goal is the secrets of the neighbor's house. It is there that lies the key to unraveling all the terrible Sponge Bob's neighbor Squidward secrets!

One day you discover some changes in the behavior of your Sponge Neighbor Squidward! Often you see strange people with big bags near his house! Sometimes you hear some strange sounds, like cries and noises of fighting... And one dark night the neighbor drags out of his house a bag with something that terribly reminiscent of the sponge body. It becomes clear that something terrible is happening. You can not stay away-you need to get into the neighbor's house and find out what's going on! However, this will not be so easy! But Don't be scared! Just say " Dear neighbor Squidward, I am not afraid" or "Hello, Squidward, you are bad Neighbor" and challenge with him!
Search and use of useful items. Find a gas can, pipe wrench, keys and the like - all this will be very useful to you in the Squidward neighbor's house! In Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D the neighbor himself, apparently, is a pretty dangerous person. Stay unnoticed and uncover a terrible Squidward's secret! Constantly look at both - the neighbor can lie in wait for you anywhere! In a critical situation, you can try to escape and take refuge in your own home - there the Sponge Bob's neighbor Squidward will not be able to get through!


• Sponge Bob's neighbor Squidward who will not let you go!

• High Quality 3D Graphics! You will Enjoy how your device will show this Full of Atmosphere Game and You will feel the Squidward Neighbor's presence everywhere!

• Amazing Sounds! A stunning soundtrack, the ominous sponge melodies of which perfectly convey the atmosphere of the Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D game!

• Smooth and Easy Controls! A well-designed first-person camera system that allows you to move around your neighbor freely and look around without any delay!

• 7 different languages : English, Spanish, German, Italian ,Russian, Chinese and Japanese!

• Plug in your headphones for the best Sponge Bob's neighbor Squidward atmosphere!

• Squidward laughing sounds.

• Amazing environments. Explore this mystical house of your Squidward Neighbor. and try to get known in all his secrets!

Say Hello to your neighbor Squidward and enjoy the one of the best games about Sponge Bob's friends on Google play!
Publish Date: April 13, 2018
Latest Version: 1.3
Get it on: Get Hello Squidward. Sponge Bob's Neighbor 3D on Google Play
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Installs: 100,000+
Offered By: MC Games Studio