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It has been a wild race towards the unknown future. We have built systems so vast that no human being has overview of. We have dissolved ourselves in the mists of the networks sharing the most intimate details of our lives. We are merging with the information flow as deeply as possible. We have trust in the technology to bring us better tomorrow. We believe in it. We are part of it and it is part of us.

In our every day life our actions are constantly being monitored, processed, stored, transferred, sold and bought. But this constant flow of information is hidden from our view. It’s hiding in the shadows of proprietary software on our laptops, Internet of unsecured things, rogue apps on our smartphone. It’s stored deep in the NSA databases, cultivated in the server farms, floating in the cloud. We do have control over our actions, but not over the data it’s generating.

We worship this data and give it supreme value. The most valuable companies are the ones that know the most about us. They have constructed the best models of homo sapiens. They know our great abilities as well as the weakest points. They know how to make us addicted, seduced, trustful, happy and sad. They find out our individual deviations to be even better at it. The credo of today’s business is to surveil and serve (ads).To keep this wheel rolling we must have faith. And this is what we are good at. We have great powers as species to imagine something that does not exists. If enough people believe, we keep going. Even when it’s dark sides are exposed we still keep pushing forward not knowing what the future will bring. We are preached by techno visionaries: it will be better than the past.

But utopias can exist only in computer models, not in dirty reality. Even with the best models, it’s impossible to calculate the future. We can foresee some paths, but not all of them. We have built these surveillance technologies for our safety and convenience. But what happens in times where everyone are becoming suspects? The tools will be the same, only aimed at everyone.

Memopol-3 is an Orwellian dystopia which is built on the technology of today. It’s a total surveillance experience. Your presence will be monitored, actions recorded and your digital devices abused. Your physical and virtual identity will be quantified and processed into a stream of data. After the phases of abuse your will experience a transcendent reflection of yourself that combines past and future, physical and immaterial into an audio-visual ceremony.
Publish Date: August 5, 2018
Latest Version: 0.16.0
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Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Installs: 500+
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